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New Upgrades NOW LIVE
New Upgrades NOW LIVE

& 3x SatsMatch on Transfers & Rollovers to celebrate Choice’s 3rd Birthday 🎉

Updated over a week ago

Published May 18, 2023

Three years ago, we set out to build the best retirement account on planet Earth for Bitcoiners. Since then…

  • You made us the #1 rated IRA app on iOS

  • Blinko has awarded 400M+ Sats

  • $300M+ moved out of the zombie system

And we’re not done building — in fact, we shipped new upgrades earlier this week.

Before we dive into a breakdown of the new features, more good news — to celebrate our 3rd Birthday, we’re matching every $1 you transfer or rollover out of the legacy system with 3 Sats.

Ok, back to what’s new…

1. New Web App

You made Choice App the #1 rated retirement app in the app store & told us it’s significantly easier to use than our web app. So we gave the Web App the same sleek design and usability as our mobile apps.

iOS, Android, and Web — one seamless design.

New Web App

2. Limit Orders

Markets can move quickly and sometimes the price you wanted to buy at comes & goes while you’re at work, busy, or even asleep.

Now you can sleep easy & specify the price you want to buy (or sell) at by setting a limit order.

Limit Order

3. Faster Market Orders

You told us it’s frustrating when orders are slow to fill when you’re trying execute a buy before bitcoin makes a move.

True market orders on mobile and web are live so with 3 clicks (buy, max, confirm) you can smash buy on the fly.

Market Order

4. Deposit Notifications

It can take a few days for an ACH deposit to arrive & refreshing the app to see if your cash balance has updated gets really old, really quick.

Moving forward, if you have Choice installed on mobile, we’ll send you a push notification to let you know when your funds have arrived & are available to trade.

5. In-App Security Settings

You told us it’s slow & inefficient to have to go through the support team to change your security settings.

Starting today, you can change or update your security credentials & MFA in-app.

MFA Update

6. Expiring Rewards Notifications

Winning bitcoin playing Blinko is the best, losing out on your rewards because you didn’t contribute them to your IRA…not so much.

We’ll now send you push notifications to let you know when your rewards are expiring so you don’t miss out on any of the sats you’ve stacked.

And some less shiny, but incredibly important convenience upgrades…

7. Update your name & address in-app

8. Update your phone number in-app

9. More transparent trade confirmations

That’s a lot, and if you’re still reading — we certainly appreciate you. If you have any feedback on any of the new features or Choice App in general, please hop in our discord and chat directly with the people building Choice!

We officially turn 3 on June 2nd, 2023 — so until then, we’ve got some celebrating to do over the next 3 weeks. Be on the lookout for more upgrades on the roadmap, some cool bitcoin partnership announcements, & more.

And most importantly — don’t forget that from now until 6/2/23 we’re giving you 3 Sats for every $1 you transfer or rollover to Choice from the legacy system!

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