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How can I fund my Choice IRA?
How can I fund my Choice IRA?

There are three options to fund your Choice account

Updated over a week ago

There are several ways to move funds into your Choice account.

Option 1: Fund with your bank account

Processing Time: 4 business days

Connect your bank account in-app and then add the amount you want to contribute. Your funds will be available for trades in four business days.

Option 2: Transfer your existing IRA

Processing Time: 10-30 days

You can transfer cash or assets from an IRA that you have with another bank or custodian into your Choice account. Cash transfers generally take 10 business days to complete, while in-kind transfers can take up to a month.

Option 3: Rollover your 401(k)

Processing Time: 10-30 days

Initiate your rollover by following these quick steps:

Step 1: Submit a Choice deposit form.

Step 2: Initiate the rollover with your 401(k) provider by contacting your plan administrator directly.

Rollover funds sent via check - which is most common - are available to trade the next business day after your check is received and typically don't incur fees, from Choice or your plan administrator.

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