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Announcing Rewards Inbox + Blinko
Announcing Rewards Inbox + Blinko

Now you can choose when you turn your rewards into IRA contributions.

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Published January 7, 2022

We want to give away as much bitcoin as humanly possible, and we’re getting 2022 started with some updates meant to help us on that mission.

Sidebar, if you haven’t listened to this — it’s important context for everything that will follow in 2022: “I want to give away as much Bitcoin as humanly possible” — Ryan Radloff, Choice CEO on Episode 8 of Bitcoin is Hard

One question we’ve heard frequently from Choice users is, “can I play Blinko if I’ve already maxed out my IRA?” And up to this point, the answer has been no.

When you played Blinko, your winnings would immediately be deposited into your IRA and count against your contribution limit.

But that’s 0 fun, sooo… Today, we’re happy to announce a rewards inbox.

For current Choice users, this means that you can play Blinko and choose to keep your rewards in your rewards inbox until you’re ready to make a contribution to your IRA (for up to 13 months after you’ve won).

After you win, you will be given the option to claim now or claim later. If you choose to claim later, you will send your winnings to your rewards inbox where you’ll have 13 months from the date of winning to claim them (this will result in a contribution to your Choice IRA).

Referral bonuses will also go to your rewards inbox now.

So when you refer a friend, your $50 of bitcoin will show up in your rewards inbox and you can choose when you want to contribute that money to your IRA as well!

But, that’s not all!

We’re also rolling out the ability for non-clients to play Blinko and stack sats until they are ready to get serious about saving and claim their rewards as their first contribution.

You read that right, new Choice users will be able to play Blinko and start stacking free sats in their rewards inbox before they create their full Choice Account.

So if you’ve had friends who want to play Blinko, but aren’t quite ready to open an IRA yet — tell them today is the day. All they have to do is open Choice App and they’ll be able to play Blinko.

So tell your friends about Blinko, send out some referral codes, drop your chip and start stacking in your rewards inbox!

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