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How do I view my portfolio?
Updated over a week ago

Your portfolio is your Home Screen when you login, but if you ever need to navigate back to it, hit the portfolio button in the left hand menu if on larger format screens, or hit the icon in the nav bar at the bottom if on smaller format screens.

The number at the top of your screen is the value of your total portfolio, including cash. The % change shows the performance of your portfolio over whatever time frame is selected on the chart below.

Please note: this value is inclusive of cash deposits - so if you would like to caluclate performance of assets over a time frame, you’ll need to subtract the cash deposit amount from your portfolio total first.

The selectors at the bottom of the chart show the performance of your portfolio over 1 month, 1 year and all time intervals - simply click or tap on one of them to switch to that time frame. If you would like to see a specific value on a certain date in the time frame, hover your cursor or hold your finger over any point on the line and you will see the value and date reflected in the upper left hand corner value.

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