How do I make a trade?
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To make a trade, either navigate to the asset detail screen of an asset you already hold in your portfolio or go to the search page, search for the asset and click on it to navigate to the asset detail screen for an asset not currently in your portfolio.

Once you hit buy or sell - you’ll see a screen which allows you to specify the quantity or dollar value of the trade you would like to make - feel free to use your keyboard to type the amount, or in some cases, use your cursor and the keypad that presents on screen. If you would like to quickly buy or sell as much of the asset as you would like - tap the buy or sell max button in the top right of this screen and the app will calculate that value and fill it for you.

If you would also like to specify a specific price (turning the order from a market, to a limit order) at which you would like us to tell the exchange to hold the order until - hit the selector which buy default is set to ‘buy at market price’ and change it to ‘Buy at a set price.’

After that - you should see a screen which allows you to set that specific price - again here, you can either use your keyboard, the quick 5% adjustment buttons, or in some cases - the keypad which pops up on screen. Once you’ve chosen your price, hit ‘set custom price’ and you should see the price specified on that screen.

Now, regardless of if you are making a market order (execute at the current price) or limit order (execute at a specific price) - once you’ve chosen your quantity to trade, hit preview buy. On this screen, you should see all relevant details for your trades. Please review them prior to confirming your trade.

If you would like to turn a trade into a recurring trade, simply tap the frequency selector on this page and choose your preferred interval.

Once you have confirmed all details of your order are correct, hit ‘Confirm Buy/Sell’ and you should see a confirmation that we have sent your instructions to the exchange.

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