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What is Digital Trust's role as a qualified custodian?
What is Digital Trust's role as a qualified custodian?
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As a qualified custodian, Digital Trust's primary responsibility is the safekeeping and administration of assets held in qualified accounts (more commonly know as retirement accounts), and reporting certain required activity inside those accounts to the IRS.

For retirement account holders, we help ensure your assets maintain their qualified (i.e. tax-advantaged) status while offering a variety of custody options and services for alternative assets. We also maintain a record of your account activity for general and tax reporting purposes.

Aside from qualified custody accounts, we also offer custodial accounts for individuals, joint account holders, trusts, businesses and financial entities (such as funds or asset managers). Some of these clients are required to hold assets with qualified custodians due to the SEC's custody rule, while others simply prefer the peace of mind and security that comes from holding their financial assets with a qualified custodian.

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