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What’s happening to Kingdom Trust and how will this impact my account?
What’s happening to Kingdom Trust and how will this impact my account?

Kingdom Trust is becoming Choice. Existing Kingdom Trust account holders should not experience any disruption in service.

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Published September 8, 2021

What’s happening to Kingdom Trust?

Since Kingdom Trust’s founding in 2009, we’ve worked tirelessly to support investors with their alternative asset needs.

During this time we became the first custodian to offer bitcoin in retirement accounts and over the last four years have enjoyed the opportunity to play a growing role in the emerging digital asset ecosystem. Consequently, digital assets have become an increasingly important driver for our business.

Since launching Choice in 2020 (our app for self-directed investing in digital and traditional assets inside retirement accounts), the trend became even more clear.

So, in 2021 we are excited to announce that the Kingdom Trust brand is becoming Choice. This reflects our new mission: expanding access to bitcoin, digital assets and the ecosystem surrounding these assets in tax-efficient ways.

What does this mean for my account at Kingdom Trust?

The short answer - nothing. Your account is still open and we will continue to service it as normal. You should not experience any disruptions or changes in service.

Legally, we are still the Kingdom Trust Company. All accounts should be titled and assets registered accordingly.

Clients are still able to access the Legacy Portal here.

What other changes should I expect?

Short term, the most immediate changes you will see are the new Choice website, and Choice branding will start to replace Kingdom Trust branding on forms and other marketing materials.

We are also rolling out dedicated forms and support channels specific to existing account holders and alternative assets that are not yet accessible through the Choice app.

Over the medium to long term, you will see these features and support channels integrated into the Choice app. (Accessible via web, and available for download on iOS and Android).

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