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There Are Over 24.3 million Zombie 401(k) accounts — Is Yours One?
There Are Over 24.3 million Zombie 401(k) accounts — Is Yours One?

Zombies, Forgotten Money, and an October Surprise…Oh My!

Updated over a week ago

Published October 5, 2021

The Problem

The world has a zombie problem, specifically a zombie retirement account problem. These things are dead but somehow still walking. They are dead but still floating around. They’ve been dead on the inside for a long time and now even the outside is starting to decompose.

For those of you that love the gory details, here they are.

24.3 million 401(k) accounts and $1.35 trillion in assets have been left behind by job changers.

Retirement accounts at the name brand custodians have multiple problems that led to their deaths:

  • Limited Choices (cookie-cutter funds)

  • High-Fees (not hidden fees)

  • No Access to Bitcoin

  • Inability to Inspire Optimism for the Future

Don’t take our word for it, let’s examine one of the conclusions of a recent postmortem.


According to Capitalize, “an estimated 24.3 million 401(k) accounts and $1.35 trillion in assets have been left behind by job changers.”

Don’t you think job changers would have rolled over their 401(k) accounts if they had any signs of life?

Don’t you think job changers wouldn’t have left behind money that they had saved up and earned if it wasn’t wrapped in a smelly carcass?

If retirement accounts were alive and were helping people thrive then workers would not leave them behind.

24.3 million 401(k) accounts is a whole lot of zombies and we need to find a way to help turn this apocalypse around.

Choice App and How You Can Help

During the month of October, Choice is asking you to join us in strapping up to eradicate this issue and save the world.

Every month millions and millions of retirement dollars find new life in a Choice account.

In October we’re aiming to rescue $21 Million. When the moon rises on that hallowed white paper day this year, our goal is to have given $21 Million access to Bitcoin.

To get there we need you to first save yourself by transferring and rolling over any and all dead legacy system funds.

After your face mask is securely on and your funds are on the path back to life, we need you to update your Choice App and use the brand new ref link feature to spread the word to your friends and family.

Every successful referral gets you $50 of Bitcoin and your friend $50 of Bitcoin! (Max of 5, terms apply, but if you’re crushing it more than that, DM me, and I’ll give you a promotion to affiliate status)

That’s all the time we have for now, get out there and start slaying zombies and stay on the lookout for more backup coming later this month!

Mission: Choice App is the fastest & easiest way to stack real Bitcoin in a tax-efficient account. We are building a retirement account for bitcoiners, and helping solve the retirement crisis in America in the process.

Send Feedback: Feature request channel on Discord and also take screenshots in the app and send in feedback through the instabug portal.

None of the prior or related text is offered as or meant to be considered financial advice. Kingdom Trust is an independent qualified custodian under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended, and 26 USC 408. Kingdom Trust is registered and regulated in the state of South Dakota and does not provide, promote, endorse or sell investment products and does not endorse or promote any individual investment advisor or investment sponsor. The information provided here is intended to be educational and informational in nature and should not be construed as anything else.

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