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Why have I not heard of self-directed IRAs before?
Why have I not heard of self-directed IRAs before?
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The Self-Directed IRA has been around since the creation of the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) in 1974. They are essentially one and the same.

When most people think of an IRA, however, they probably think of what banks, brokers and financial advisors typically have to offer. These providers usually have a portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual fund investments from which you may pick, and their salespeople may be incentivized to sell specific investment products to you.

With Choice, you can hold Traditional and Alternative assets inside the same IRA. We support Traditional, Roth, SEP, and SIMPLE IRAs, as well solo 401(k) accounts.

Our web, iOS and Android apps offer 24/7 access to bitcoin and other digital assets inside your IRA, plus traditional stocks and ETFs trading during market hours.

You can also hold a wide variety of alternative investments in the same account. We've listed many of them below but this list is not exhaustive by any means:

  • Real estate (commercial and residential property, tax liens, rental property, etc.)

  • Precious metals (such as gold and silver bullion, American Eagle coins and platinum bars)

  • Private companies (including LLCs, limited partnerships and C corporations)

  • Private lending (such as notes secured by deeds of trust, unsecured notes and mortgages)

  • Single-member LLCs

  • Private REITS and funds

  • Crowdfunding and marketplace lending opportunities

  • Plus other less common investments, including: Timber rights, Cattle, Equipment leases and more

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